About us

BoostTikTok.com is a fairly new website which was created by 3 people, these people wanted to prove that you shouldn’t have to pay for your fame on TikTok. The spent a day out of there life setting up and creating this website. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t an easy task and your average person couldn’t complete this work. These were 3 highly skilled individuals willing to take a bit of time out of there life to help people looking for a bit of fame on TikTok.

We got fed up with seeing all these big businesses trying to sell TikTok followers and likes, the prices that they are trying to sell them for are ridiculous and that’s another reason why BoostTikTok.com was created. We hated seeing all of these businesses cashing in money from ripping people off. WE hope that in the long run, we will take over and in the future everyone will laugh at the fact of having to buy followers.

What We Do

We are a website which offer free TikTok followers and likes to the general public, anyone can claim these followers and they are 100% free without any catches. We don’t just offer a few followers such as 10 or 20, we offer a very large amount of 250k followers and over 1 million likes! This is a substantial amount which will have your account on the featured tab in no time.

We Offer More

People think we are a service that only offers free TikTok followers, however, we offer much more than that. We would say that the main feature of our website is the blog, we share anything and everything about TikTok, tips and tricks, how to get followers naturally and even how you can make money on TikTok. Not to mention we also offer free TikTok likes as well as followers.

What Are You Waiting For?

Why are you sitting here reading all of this when you could be sending thousands of free followers and likes, straight to your TikTok account. You have nothing to worry about so go ahead and visit this page to start sending them. Your post will be displayed in the featured tab and the followers will keep on rolling in!