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We understand that getting followers on TikTok can be difficult and sometimes quite a daunting process, no matter how hard you try it only seems like you are gaining a few followers here and there and sometimes nothing at all. That’s why we have come up with the perfect solution to your troubles – FREE TikTok followers and not just a few hundred, we’re talking about 250,000 free followers on TikTok! This is a substantial amount which will make you TikTok famous overnight.

When people use these types of services they will be worried about the safety of their account, that’s why we have made safety our number #1 priority. All the followers will be sent through different servers using multiple dedicated IP addresses, not to mention the 256bit encryption so there is nothing to worry about on your end, your account will always remain safe and secure! Don’t forget that we can also drip-feed your free followers on TikTok to make things look even more natural. Remember we will NEVER ask for your password.

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Once you have entered your TikTok username hit the submit button, you will then be taken to a page where you can select how many followers you want along with a drip-feeding option.

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After you have claimed your TikTok followers, we recommend you go ahead and claim some free TikTok likes by clicking here. It’s not a must, however, we recommend doing so as it makes things look natural.


200k followers for TikTokLauren has always wanted to become famous on TikToK, however, no matter how hard she tried, getting followers for TikTok seemed like an impossible task. She then came across our website and claimed over 200k followers and 500k likes. Now her account gets featured on the homepage and she has the fame that shes always wanted.


250k free tiktok followersLiling has always wondered how to get free TikTok followers until she found our website, at first she didn’t believe our service was real so she placed a small sample order to test it out. Once we delivered our followers she was amazed at the quality and claimed our biggest follower and like package.

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We become famous because of our free followers on TikTok service, however, not many people know that we also offer free likes. You can use our service to send followers and likes together, this is something we strongly recommend doing as sending both together makes things look natural. It would look a little suspicious if all of a sudden you received 200k followers and your videos weren’t getting any likes. This is a fairly new service we have added due to high demand by our customers. If you would like to try it out click the button below:


When it comes to sending followers, we make sure that the safety of your account is our number one priority. When using our service to claim your free TikTok followers you have nothing to worry about whatsoever, we send our followers though dedicated servers and each account has a separate IP address which is encrypted with a 256bit secure connection. As you can see we safety pretty serious and that’s why not a single one of our accounts have ever been banned.


When you look at other people’s TikTok profiles it is so easy to tell if they have fake followers, however, this is not the case when it comes to us. We have ensured that all our followers are of the highest quality, each account having a profile picture along with a BIO and a few videos. If you come across one of these accounts they would look like a real genuine real TikTok user. You can enjoy your fame without any of your followers becoming suspicions of you.


If you are looking to get free followers on TikTok which are free and high quality, then you have come to the right place. BoostTikTok.com are free and will always stay free. We noticed other websites trying to sell TikTok followers for a silly price so that’s why we created this service. We don’t believe that people should have to pay to become famous. Sending these followers is so easy and cheap we don’t understand why people are trying to sell followers We are here to show you that this can be done for FREE!


Imagine following an account that has 400 TikTok followers and the next they have over 250k, this would look really suspicious, right? Well, here at BoostTikTok.com we have come up with a solution to this problem, Drip-feeding your free TikTok followers. When you select to drip-feed your followers this means we gradually send them over a few days or weeks, this makes things look natural to TikTok and all the people who follow you.


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James was so happy with his free TikTok followers and likes that he decided to share the results. He wanted to BOOST his account to help him get noticed and that’s exactly what we did. We sent out over 220k followers and 800k likes.


100k free followers for TikTokChen has always wondered what it’s like to become famous on social media, she was trying to find out how to get free TikTok followers when she stumbled across our website. She entered her username and selected to have 100k followers sent over 15 days to make things seem natural to everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to complete a survey?

Before we send your TikTok followers some people may be asked to complete a survey, we also refer to this as a human test. This test is put in place to make sure that the person claiming the followers is indeed a human being and not a robot. We know that completing one of these surveys can be a bit annoying but without using them the bots would flood our website. This is the only way we can stop all of these annoying bots and keep our website up and running.

Completing one of these tests shouldn’t take long at all, as soon as it’s completed we will send your followers/likes straight to your account. The survey can vary depending on if you are using a mobile device or a desktop computer. If you are coming from a mobile it will normally ask you to download an app and play it for a few minutes before unlocking your followers. We understand that this seems a bit strange but imagine a bot trying to do that, impossible right? For desktop users it might be slightly different, for example. You might be asked to answer a few questions and enter your name or email address.

Can this get my account banned?

The safety of your account is our main priority, when using our service to get free TikTok followers and likes you have nothing to worry about whatsoever. We have tested our service on thousands of accounts and not a single account has even been banned. We use private dedicated servers and each account has its own IP along with a 256bit encryption. Trust us – Your account is 100% safe.

Can you send likes too?

Yes, when using our service to get free TikTok fans we also recommend you add some likes to your order. Sending both fans and likes together will make things look legit. Imagine all of a sudden getting 250k free fans on TikTok and no likes, that would look super weird and suspicious. Use our other service to claim your free TikTok likes aswell.

What does drip-feeding mean?

If you want to send followers gradually over a selected amount of days/weeks then you should choose the drip-feeding option. If you select this option we will allow you to drip-feed your followers anywhere from 0 – 100 days. Sending followers gradually is always a good idea as it makes things look natural and less suspicious to TikTok and your current followers. We recommend a minimum of 2 days on every order.

Why are you doing this for free?

People shouldn’t have to pay to become famous on TikTok, we are fed up of seeing all of these big companys trying to sell followers and likes for a silly amount of money. BoostTikTok was set up to prove that you don’t have to pay for followers. In the long run we hope to put all of the other businesses out of profit and show people that it can be done for free!

How To Get Followers Naturally

Some people may prefer to gain there fans naturally, by doing it this way they feel like they have accomplished something and they don’t feel cheated. I guess you can do whatever makes you feel happy, however, we would definitely recommend using our service to give yourself a head start by claiming over 250k free TikTok fans. Once you have this head start it will be easy to start gaining followers naturally as you will become featured on the homepage and more people will see your profile.

Here are a few ways to get fans on TikTok:

1: Keep up to date with our blog

If you are looking to keep updated with all the latest TikTok news and unseen content then you should visit our blog, we have a dedicated team of writers who strive to publish fresh content each week. The content can vary from “How to become TikTok Famous” or even “How to make money on TikTok” We can guarantee that our blog will only contain fresh unseen content. What are you waiting for? Go and check out our blog now and don’t forget to check back regularly for fresh content updates.

3: Promote on other platforms

If you are using TikTok my guess is that you are also using other social media platforms. If you have followers on Facebook and Instagram why let this audience go to waste? You should share your TikTok profile on all your other social media accounts. You can add it to your Instagram Bio or even send it out in a private message to your friends.

2: Be Active

When are just starting out you need to ensure that you are active on a day to day basis, you should be posting fresh unseen content each day, however don’t overdo it. 1 post each day should be sufficient. It might help to create a schedule and write down all of your ideas, so you know when and what you’re going to post your next video.

4: Engage with other people

In order to get noticed by other creators you need to engage with them, you should find a few profiles that you enjoy watching then follow them. Once you follow them they will receive a notification that you have done so. They will then most likely check out your profile and if it’s good give you a follow back. You should be commenting and liking other people’s posts, this will help your profile stand out and in turn should help increase your follower base.



I was having second thoughts about this website as it was asking me to complete a survey, I gave it a go anyway to see what would happen. I select 250k TikTok free followers to be send to my account instantly. I completed the survey and before you know it my phone was going crazy with follow notifications.


I tried many other website similar to this one, they all turned out to be fake but I had a good feeling about this one. I wanted to drip-feed my 200k followers over 10 days. I entered my username and filled out a quick survey and my followers started coming through just as I asked. I can confirm this service is 100% working.


I wanted to use this service to get featured on the homepage of TikTok, I sent the guys a message and they recommended that I claim both followers and likes. I done exactly as they said and before I knew it there I was featured on the home feed of TikTok! I cannot thank you people enough!