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We now recommend that you use our follower service to claim free TikTok followers after getting the likes delivered. Sending the two together makes things look natural and will not raise any suspicion.

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800k free TikTok likesJacob was having second thoughts about our website as he had been scammed in the past and had his account hacked. We reassured him and confirmed that we do not ask for your password. He made the decision to place a small test order first and was amazed by the quality of these followers and likes. He then came back for the bigger package and would never look back.

FREE offers a FREE service and the service will always be free, we do not charge for either our likes or our followers. We don’t think that anyone should have to pay to become famous on a social platform so that’s why we are doing this. A free service does not mean we will slack with the quality, we can guarantee that our free TikTok likes are of a higher quality than the ones you pay for.


As we mentioned earlier when using our service you will have nothing to worry about whatsoever. We have made the safety of you account our number one priority. When we send your free followers for TikTok we use several different security measures for example. Each follower will come from a dedicated server using its own separate IP address. This means that each follower will come from a different location. Our dedicated servers are also encrypted with a 256bit connection. For this reason, we can guarantee your account will always remain safe and secure.


Being a free service some people think that the quality of our followers and likes will not be very good, however, we can assure you that these are the best of the best. You can normally spot a fake like from a mile off, the profile is bare with no information at all. This is where BoostTikTok is different, all of our profiles have a picture, a bio and it’s own personal videos. WE can guarantee that our Free TikTok likes will be of the highest quality


We also offer free TikTok followers, we recommend sending the likes and followers to your account at the same time, you may be wondering why? Well imagine seeing a post with 1 million likes then you click on the persons profile and they don’t have any followers, this will look really suspicious. This is why we recommend sending the two together. We also have our own blog which is dedicated to helping you become famous naturally without using our service. Be sure to check it out.