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If you’re an active user of this platform, the thought of how to get TikTok famous has probably crossed your mind at least once. You see other people who became famous through this app, watch their videos and think that there’s nothing difficult about what they do, but when it comes to posting something yourself, your video only collects a few dozens of views from your friends. Your friends whom you most likely made watch it.

Sounds familiar? If it does, don’t give up hope. Even those celebrities who now have millions of views on every video they post were unknown one day. However, they followed a few steps that led them to the top of the TikTok mountain. If you want to do what it takes to become the next TikTok sensation, here are these steps:


1. Get Familiar with the App

tiktok app

How can you get famous if you don’t know all the instruments that the app provides you with? It’s very important to know exactly what you’re working with and understand all the editing tools and the functions that TikTok has to offer. It will give you a great advantage because you’ll understand how exactly you can transform your ideas into an actual video.


2. Complete Your Profile


If you create a video that’s so absolutely extraordinary that it wows everyone who watches it, it probably won’t matter whether you have a profile picture or a creative description. Unfortunately, that’s a very unlikely thing to happen. In most cases, you’ll need to have a complete profile that will be able to convince other people that by following you they’ll make their lives better, in one way or another.


3. Be Original

tiktok be original

As a popular saying goes, be yourself; everyone else is already taken. The users of TikTok don’t want to see the same videos created by different people over and over again. Don’t do what someone else is doing, even if it has made this someone very famous. Other creators can inspire you but never steal their ideas: you will become popular if you do so, but this won’t be the fame you’d like to have. Instead, create your own persona and offer your viewers content they have never seen before.


4. Participate in Challenges


Challenges help you stay relevant to the community and gain more followers. However, the previous trick applies to this one as well: only take part in challenges if you’re certain that you can show your personality through them and make something unique. Doing a challenge just for the sake of doing a challenge will be a waste of time because such a video won’t stand out.


5. Use Hashtags

How will other users find your video if you’re new to the platform and aren’t using hashtags? Even if you make the best video in the history of TikTok, without hashtags it will probably go unnoticed by the audience. Still, the important thing is to not overdo it. The answer to the question, “How to get TikTok famous?” isn’t, “By using as many hashtags as possible”. Only use the ones that are relevant to the video and be honest with people who use hashtags to search for what they want to watch.


6. Follow the Trends

tiktok trends

Which songs are popular now? Which TikTok videos get the most views and likes? What do users search for most often? If you can identify the trends, you’ll significantly increase the chance of others discovering you. Yet once again, everything you do has to be original. Offer TikTok users something they’re familiar with but add an interesting, unexpected twist to it.


7. Be Active


Only when you’re a celebrity with millions of followers can you allow yourself to go into a hiatus for two months, but even then it isn’t advisable. When you’re just starting your TikTok journey, you don’t have such privileges. You should publish content regularly. Obviously, posting just anything won’t bte enough: it has to be quality content. It might help to create a schedule and write down all of your ideas, so you know when and what you’re going to post your next video.


8. Work with Other Creators

tiktok challanges

Collaborations with other creators will help you get noticed by other users who watch their content but have never watched yours before. If you find influencers who’ll be willing to work with you and create something interesting together, you can expect more likes and new followers who’ll impatiently wait for every new video you’ll make. Who knows, maybe someday a beginner will come to you in hopes of creating a video together and is there anything that could make you feel better about yourself than this?


9. Promote Yourself on Other Platforms


It’s very unlikely that TikTok is the only app that you’re using. You must have accounts on several other social media, and maybe you have a wide audience on one or even all of them. Why let this audience go to waste? If these people follow you on other social media, they already like what you do, so they’ll probably enjoy what you do on TikTok, too. So, post a link on Instagram or Facebook, and let your content receive the attention it deserves.


10. Don’t Buy Your Fame


As tempting as it looks, the idea of paying some money and getting thousands of followers and likes overnight in return isn’t such a good one. To start with, TikTok will see that something’s fishy, and everything you’ve bought might easily disappear. In addition, the users of TikTok will get suspicious if they see many followers but no comments, and it’s likely that they won’t want to follow someone who tries to buy their fame. Finally, it’s the question of how you yourself will feel. What is more important to you: the big number on the screen of your phone, or the smaller number of real people who actually care about your content? After all, you can’t buy respect and affection with money.

In short, if you ever wondered about how to get TikTok famous, the answer is that it’s all about dedication and hard work. It isn’t as easy as many people think. In order to become popular and respected on this platform, you should see it as a full-time job, realize your responsibilities and know which messages you should spread. However, if you truly believe that becoming TikTok famous is what you want and are prepared to work for, these tips will help you achieve your goal.


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